Adult Acts








Heidi is the perfect host or act for any cabaret, variety and burlesque show. She can easily work to a theme, her styling always fits the bill, she loves audience interaction, her comedy is cheeky and her skills provide the variety every late night event needs! Heidi’s hoop and rope acts have featured on the Sydney burlesque circuit (34B, Ruby Revue, Velvet affair, Burlesque Ball, Gangstas Ball).


Sugarcandy – Sideshow Hula Hoop: Cabaret Act 6 mins.
Sugar Candy will light up your night with plenty of delicious glitter and glamour as she pops her balloon suit and spins all her shiny silver hula hoops around both of her heads. She spins, wraps, twists, and splits up to 5 hoops at once before a dazzling gold slinky or LED hoop finale. Like all good candy, she’ll leave you on a high!








Cowgirl rope/whip Acts: 5 – 10 min.
All good cowgirls know how to keep their calves together and Heidi Hodeo Rodeo does this by swinging a lasso with her cute and sexy 50’s pin up girl style. This comic act has knot tricks and lasso, followed by an hilarious costume change from cowgirl to real live dairy cow complete with udder and tail.








Comedy Whip Cabaret acts: 5 – 10 min.
Set to Led Zeplin’s “Whole Lotta Love” this whip act is wild and loud and requires a very brave volunteer to hold the balloon for the PVC Clad Whip Mistress who loves to crack whips, bust balloons and send the audience into hysterics.